Thank you for Submitting Your Cause!

We received your inquiry and we will reach out by phone or email soon. We’re hard at work answer inquiries as fast as we can but please give us up to 24 hours to respond to you. (We promise it won’t take longer than that).

What To Expect?

1. When we reach out we’ll ask you one or two questions about your Cause. (if it’s for you, your company, etc.)

2. We will then discuss your design we’ll be adding to the product. If you provided a design, we will have reviewed it already.
Design ideas that are creative, different, related to your industry all work great. Additionally concepts that include supportive and positive messages are great at a time like this. In all cases we can include your business branding to make sure this cause not only helps raise money but keeps the purpose tied to the brand.

3. After the call we will start working on your design options, get them over to you as fast as possible and upon you selecting the design you like we will launch your cause on

4. We will provide you with a unique web address to share with clients, friends and family via email, social media and more.

In roughly 30 days (varies cause to cause) we will end the cause, print/package/mail all of the orders and than write you a check for 100% of the profit. There is no cost or risk involved.

Thank you contacting us and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

Support4Corona Team (At J&R Marketing)