First and foremost, thank you for taking part in this initiative to help small and local businesses by launching your cause. We hope that Support4Corona has provided some positivity during these difficult times.

(If you are new to Support4Corona and want to learn more about launching your cause, click here.)

As a small business owner, you’ve likely been trying to keep up with the hectic news related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and small business regulations. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the madness, we understand, so we’ve provided a list of credible sources to keep you up to date:

SBA’s Office of Advocacy
The Small Business Administration’s website is a fantastic place to source news related to coronavirus and other developments. The website regularly publishes articles and offers links to existing support organizations.

Google for Small Business
Aside from the slew of resources and tools offered by Google’s platform, arguably the most valuable offering is Free Digital Skills Training, where you can register for certification courses that teach skills necessary to adapt to a remote work environment.

And Plenty of Others…


We’ve tried our best to check in with you regularly since launching your cause, but with Support4Corona’s rapid growth in participation, it has been difficult to check in with each of you. That being said, we’ve regularly updated our FAQ section in alignment with your most frequent questions. We’re also providing some important information here regarding your existing cause:

Ending Your Cause:

You’re welcome to keep your Support4Corona cause running for as long as you’d like. We will not force you to end your campaign after X amount of time, nor after a certain number of sales. If you’ve decided that you’d like to end your cause early, simply send an email requesting to do so.

Reasons to End Your Cause:

If you feel that you’ve maximized your audience and sales, ending your cause is a good idea. It will allow us to finalize the order sheet and deliver the orders to your customers, rather than keeping them waiting.

Reasons NOT to End Your Cause:

If you’re struggling with a low number of sales, the payout of the campaign will obviously be very low. We recommend that all causes sell a minimum of 12 items to maximize the payout.

Don’t see your question answered here on our Frequently Asked Questions page? Contact us and ask!


Support4Corona was a spontaneous concept, and this website was actually being built for a separate project prior to the idea. Just a few weeks after launching, we’ve heard dozens of requests to improve your experience throughout the cause-launching process. And to be honest, you’ve proposed some great ideas, so we listened. Here’s what’s new with the Support4Corona website:

Sales Count

We’re currently working on a functionality that allows you to login to your organization’s account and actively track it’s metrics, including order and sales numbers. The feature will also allow you to see who has been ordering your merchandise and reach out directly to say thanks. Until then, however, reach out to us at and we will provide you with updated sales metrics. 


We now allow individuals to make donations to your organization’s cause, rather than just ordering apparel. Donations of any size can be made through the form on the website, and will be sent directly to the organization. This feature has recently been tested and is now 100% functional.

If you have more recommendations on how to improve the launching or management processes, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas. We’re all ears!