Welcome to Support4Corona, the initiative that, in a perfect world, would not need to exist. The initiative, organized and launched by J&R Marketing, is a charitable effort to earn funds for small businesses who have been deeply impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Here at J&R Marketing, a digital marketing and branding agency, we’re leveraging our design, printing, and packaging capabilities to design and launch cause-based custom apparel for interested small businesses across the country. 

How It Works

To help support as many small businesses as possible, we’ve made this process as quick, simple, and effortless as possible. First and foremost, let us know what cause you’re looking to support, and how this initiative will help. Once that has been determined, we’ll move forward with the design process. Here, you’ll have three options; either submit the design yourself, consult with our graphic design team for help, or have our team create the design for you. No matter which option you pursue, you won’t be charged a penny, and we’ll run the final design by you for approval. Once we’ve earned your stamp of approval, the design is posted to our web store, where it will be available for purchase for a predetermined timespan of YOUR choosing. 

After that time has passed, we’ll fulfill the orders by printing, packaging, labelling, and shipping the apparel directly to your customers, at no cost to you. Last, we’ll break out the checkbook, write a check for 100% of the profits earned from the sales, and send it directly to the cause of your choice.

Why We Do It

At J&R Marketing, small businesses have a special place in our hearts, and they also make up the majority of our client list. Without them, J&R Marketing would not be where we are today. That being said, we couldn’t just stand around and watch as the coronavirus tore through the communities in Rhode Island and across the nation alike, forcing thousands of businesses to shut their doors indefinitely. We understand that the impact of this virus may be financially insurmountable for some businesses, but we’re doing everything in our power to keep that number as low as possible.

Our Goal

Since launching the idea, we’ve been asked questions such as “how many businesses are you looking to help”, “what is your sales target”, and “what’s the end goal?” 

Truth be told, we haven’t really thought about that.

We don’t have a “magic number” of causes that we hope to help. Our web store platform allows us to upload thousands of products, so we’ll keep uploading until the server tells us to stop. Since J&R Marketing is donating 100% of the profits, our sales target is whatever each cause deems to be enough.

Our end goal is simple; to make a difference. We don’t know when the coronavirus pandemic will blow over, so we are not giving this initiative an end date.

We do, however, have a vision: Some day, in the near future, we will sit down for a bite to eat, a drink, a haircut, etc. at every restaurant, bar, barber shop, salon, and any other business that perseveres through the coronavirus era, as we know many, many will.

How You Can Help

Through the Support4Corona site, there are 3 ways that you can help further the mission of the initiative. For those with a cause in mind, you are more than welcome to get started and launch your cause. For those who want to support an existing cause, your purchase will send 100% of the profits to the cause. Last, you can spread the word by sharing Support4Corona with your friends, family, and social media followers.

Here at J&R Marketing, we’re lucky to have the capabilities to organize and launch this initiative. Our efforts, however, would be pointless without the support of our clients and their loyal and loving customers. In the end, it is YOU who is making the difference, and YOU who will be the reason that we make it through this together. 

So from all of us at J&R Marketing, on behalf of small businesses everywhere,

Thank you!