Who and what is Support 4 Corona?

Support 4 Corona is an initiative to help support local businesses whose operations have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Through J&R Marketing’s established eCommerce platform, we are offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to sell customized apparel. In an effort to provide income for these struggling business and organizations, 100% of the profit earned through these apparel campaigns will go straight to the respective cause.

How does it work?

Licensed individuals may set up a Support 4 Corona campaign by identifying their cause, finalizing their design, and launching their product for as long as they desire. Once you’ve determined that you’ve sold enough, we will take the product off the site, write, and send a check a to your cause for 100% of the profit.

Where does the profit go?

100% of the profits go to the cause that the business has chosen to support. Every last penny.

How much money can we raise?

There is no limit to how many shirts you can sell. You decide when the product is taken down.

How long does it take to print?

The printing process can take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days, depending on the volume. When it is time to print, we will give you a more exact timeframe!

How do I create a design?

When creating a design, you’re given 3 options: (1) Creating and uploading the design on your own, (2) Consulting with our design team for some creative inspiration, or (3) Allowing our design team to create the designs for your approval.