About Support4Corona

Nobody could have prepared for the rapid and widespread shutdown of businesses everywhere. One day you’re waiting 30 minutes for a table at your favorite restaurant, and the next they were shutting their doors for what could be the last time. With rent, insurance, payroll, and other expenses still due, many businesses and organizations are struggling to make ends meet. 

Support4Corona is our way of helping make sure those ends get met. Through our established web store platforms, we’re allowing businesses to design and launch cause-based apparel for FREE (no design costs, no set-up fees, nothing.) We’ll post and market this apparel for all to see, share, and purchase. Then, once enough shirts have been sold—a number, or time period, determined by the creator of the apparel—we’ll print, package, label, and ship the products to your customers. Last, we’ll write a big check equal to 100% of the profits and send it DIRECTLY to said cause.

Who are ``We``?

We’re glad that you asked. We are J&R Marketing, a full-service digital, branding, and printing company in Smithfield, RI, and the founder behind the Support4Corona initiative.

The majority of our clients here in Rhode Island are local businesses, so we’ve seen firsthand the devastating impact of COVID-19 on restaurants, gyms, and other “non-essential” businesses that have been forced to shut down for the foreseeable future. 

We love our clients, so we’re going to do everything in our power to help them generate revenue. As a digital, branding and printing company, we possess the print, design, promotional, and packaging capabilities to help fundraise during this time, so we’ve decided to put our newfound free time to good use. 

What's the Goal?

It’s tough to quantify an end goal when the end date is unclear. There is no “magic number” in this situation. There are over 98,000 small businesses in Rhode Island, and over 30 million across the country, and we’d love to help every single one. While we know that isn’t possible, we’re shooting to help at least 100 businesses in some capacity or another.

And who knows, that number may be a massive underestimation. For all we know, we could get 98,000 emails by monday morning (and we would love that, it would just take a little while to get through them all).

In the end, our goal is to make a difference. Custom apparel is our game, and we’re ready to play it for the right reasons. 

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