Launching a Cause

Product Design

Submit your graphic design. If you'd like some help, we'll connect you with our design professional.

Campaign Launch

Once your design is finalized, it is uploaded to our public web store for sale!

Order Fulfillment

We handle the printing, packing, labeling and shipping to your customers.

We Write the Check

We send 100% of the profit to your cause.

A More Straightforward Look

The process is quick and easy. First, you tell us the cause that you’d like to support. Whether that cause your business, a local charity, or a medical organization, you name it. (We just ask that you verify the cause with us beforehand.)

Once we’ve approved your cause, we’ll move forward with the creation of your design. Throughout the entire process, this is where you’ll put in the most effort. Unless you don’t feel like putting in the effort, in which case our professional graphic designer can cook up some great ideas and send them for your approval. Once you’ve settled on the design that meets your standards, the campaign is ready for launch.

Congrats! Your t-shirt has been published to the site and is ready to sell. You can even share your design on your site or social media to boost it’s reach. 

Fast forward 3 weeks, once you’ve sold your 1,052nd shirt, and you decide that it is time to draw the campaign to a close. J&R Marketing will handle ALL of the ordering, printing, labelling, and shipping processes so that you have one less thing to stress about.

Last, but not least, we’ll break out the checkbook and write one up for the cause of your choosing. Not only will they be receiving 100% of the profits, but we’ll even cover the cost of the stamp. 

The end. You’ve now successfully done your part in helping a local business muster through this uncertain and unforeseen period, and we cannot thank you enough for your support.